Friday, 20 August 2010

Well at least I have gotten around to updating in less than a year.... lol

Well I have another convention and stories to tell from there!

The convention was the London Film and Comic Con, at Earls Court 2, July 17 & 18.

The venue was blooming huge! But any how, it was really hot and stuffy especially as the place was packed! This first pic was actually taken on the Sunday and it is Edi Gathegi, from the Twilight saga, he was really cool. He also had on big smile that makes you want to smile too.

This was the first photo that we (myself and Roseanna) taken with Ben Browder. I met him last summer at Collectormania 15, and he is just the sweetest guy. He always has a smile, even though he has a bit of difficulty with the English accent as it was crowded and hard to hear. I had asked if we could stand back to back for my solo photoshoot, but still the one I got was fantastic, and he is such a accommodating guy that is happy to pose and do it numerous times with a big smile on his face.

This pose was probably one of my favourites from the saturday, this has drawn many comments to the vein of it looks like we are a couple. I wasn't that happy at first but yeh definately one of my favourites.

It was a bit of a rush though to get over to the next shoot, but when i got there, there were running late! Hehe. Still better than having missed it, it was with the other Twilight saga actor Tyson Houseman.

He played one of the pack, Quil Atera. He was a really sweet kid, bless him and if he found the whole having a photo done with a Twilight Mom, he never showed it. That gets him brownie points in my book. I was actually surprised when i stood next to him, as he was taller than I had expected! LOL. Well at the end of the day I'm 5'7" and was wearing 3 " heels and he was still taller! Sigh.

This is my shoot with Sean Pertwee, who when we first saw him at the autograph table he seemed to be in a right bad mood, but at the shoot he was in a much better mood, but i did notice how like he was to his father who died in 1996, his dad John Pertwee played Doctor Who in the late 70's, and was the first Doctor that I can actually remember, John had longer and curly white hair, but anyways Sean was really cool and even stood and talked to us for a few minutes so yeah one cool guy.

We also had our photo taken here with Darth Vader, they were collecting money for St Ormand Street hospital so we were happy to give them money in return for a picture taken. Roseanna was grinning at something that the guy holding the camera said, can't actually remember what is was, but anyhow we got a pretty cool picture out of it so I won't complain. hehe

This last photo is with David Nykl, who plays a scientist Dr Zalenko, in Stargate Atlantis. He's a really witty intelligent guy, and is also really accommodating actor.

I was disappointed to not getting to meet Liz Sladen, who played Sarah Jayne Smith, who was the doctors companion when John Pertwee was the doctor, still hopefully next time.

So enough prattling on... will update when I remember!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

London in Feb '10

I had the real fortune of going to London again 6th - 8th February. I was really looking forward to seeing not only James again, but meeting friends both old and new.

I was rooming with another Karen, lol, we ot on really brilliantly so we were both looking forward to a great weekend.

Firstly there was a concert on the Saturday evening (6th) it seemed short but then again when I had last seen James in concert there had been 2 support acts! Even that said he was on stage for 90 mins... just him and his guitar. :-) Then downstairs for a natter with some girls we were meeting.
The Sunday was an all day event, we arrived at The Tabernacle at 11.30am and were taken up to the concert hall in the lift and we (Myself and other disabled attendees) were just milling around on the balcony while all the others were getting seated. I had assumed that because the tables were arranged quite close together that we would be settled afterwards, but no, we were to have our photoshoots done first, so that we could be settled while the others were having theirs done. I think that James looked absolutely wonderful in the suit.
Then James and an actress red the play called "Love Letters" by A.R. Gurney. I was so moved by the play. Not many eyes in the room were dry. Then we had a short intermission before the stage talk/Q&A. He had changed into jeans and a t-shirt, and commented when asked why that he felt like a chimp in the suit! lol

The autographs were done then, I had my personalised one done on a picture I had bought the previous year at his gig at Union Chapel.
He also signed the first picture (as you saw above!). Then a 90 minute break to eat.

The evening was a concert, pretty much the same playlist as the night before, but obviously we were seated. Then back to the hotel. I could go into much more detail but I have said the bare bones of the weekend.

Anyway, I better leave this for today, and feed my little munchkins!!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Round Two

OK, here goes, my second attempt at blogging and the only promise that I will at least try to keep this up!

Well it has been well over a year since I updated this my 2nd blog, the other pertaining to my crafts!

Since then, I have been to Collectormania again, and yes my hair is ginger! lol. Anyhow I met Rachel Luttrell from Stargate Atlantis, she is a really sweet woman and was totally happy to pose with anyone, although I was happy for the shot you see above!

This is me with Nathan Fillion, he makes me look tiny! I am like 5'7" and was wearing 3" heels! But he has the sexiest Texas accent! My then 14 year old daughter was with me that day, and she is like 5'1" and he made her look so tiny, be he was fantastic with her, so he now has her "undying" devotion! Well as undying as you can get as a teenager....
But although I got a Firefly pic signed I was hoping that they would have a good pic of him as Caleb in Buffy, still I understand how lucky I am to have actually met him.

This is probably my fave picture from the day (June 6th, 2009), and Ben is a real sweetie, he had no qualms about doing huggy type pictures and always had a smile on his face. A real sweet guy and at the autograph table even was talking to me about childcare being a pain when attending the conventions! Not what you would imagine talking to a sci-fi celeb with...

My daughter Catrin met Nathan as well, but as I don't have those pictures on the laptop I will have to share them at a later date, she also met Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas in Harry Potter), and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in HP).

C15 was her first signing event and apart from the miserable weather she had a real ball, and I was glad that she had a ball.

I am also still studying for my degree, although I haven't been feeling so great so I am falling seriously behind, but if I put in the time I am positive that I will catch it up soon enough, well hopefully anyhow.

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Well the last few months life has been really not great!

I had my surgery for Carpel Tunnel and it went very well and my condition is really improving! Thats the only real good news over this summer!

At the end of July, my mother-in-law passed away. It was sudden and unexpected, so it was a huge shock for all of us!

Due to the whole situation I got really behind with my studies and had to really work very hard to get the course completed on time. I'm still not wholy convinced that I will have passed and will have to wait some weeks for the results!

I have now started my degree proper, and hopefully in 3 years time I will have a BSc (Hons) in Life Sciences. At the moment I am studying Global Warming and it is a really interesting subject matter!!

Anyhow thats enough for today! xx

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Life seems to be getting a little easier at the moment! I'm settled into a routine with my studies and my "problems" are kind of resolving themselves. The kids though have broken up for the summer and I'm dreading the next 6 weeks!! 2 teenagers and nothing to do!! GULP!!!! Still I do have some plans for stuff to do but thats mainly if the rain stops...... British weather, don't you just love it? lol

Friday, 11 July 2008


My life right now has been totally hectic!! I am now officially a student!! I'm studying Understanding Health with the Open University, and in Spetember I will be starting the degree in Life Sciences. The first module of which is Exploring Science. I'm actually enjoying getting back into study after a long absence and think that I will do better than I would have staright out of school, but having left school in 1990 I did find getting back into study a little daunting......

The kids break up for the summer holidays today!! GULP!!! HELP!!! But as usual I have plenty planned for them - if it ever stops raining that is!!!!! They will be each spending a little time staying with my parents (seperately of course!!) as they do miss their Nanna since we moved 50 miles away from my hometown. I miss my mum too but we both have webcams there will be no stopping us!! LOL!!

I'm not looking forward to the end of the month though as I have to have surgery on my elbow for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. It's done with regional anaesthesia kinda like an epidural but in your arm!! But it will help the situation and thats what matters!!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Collectormania 13.

Well I figured what better subject to start this blog than C13!! lol!!!

Well this was my first convention and to be honest I was not sure what to expect!!! lol!!!

I'll tell you all and put in my photos in particular order so if they aren't matching what I've written please forgive me!!! lol

Well we arrived at around 8.45am, just prior to the convention opening time. We had a bit of a wander and got my bearings, figured out where everything is and stuff!!! Then I got in the queue for VT's for James Marsters. I found out the times for my photo shoots and headed for a look around.

I then headed off to get VT's for the other guests that I wanted to get autographs for.

First up was Teryl Rothery. She had open queueing so it was just a case of paying your money and getting the autograph and a picture!! She was really friendly and happy to chat a little!! I think that she is really very pretty in person. And always has a smile for you.......

Next I went round and saw Connor Trinneer. He was very friendly. He even showed me how to turn off the flash on my digital camera!! lol. I'm not great with technology!!! lol!! He was also really friendly and quite cute as well...

Then it was time for my photo shoots with James and was pretty nervous about meeting him for the very first time!! But as soon as my turn came around I was fine!! Level-headed and calm, I actually surprised myself!!
He is soooooo gorgeous in the handsome flesh!!! lol!!! He was really great and so really friendly. He has such a nice smile!! And I have discovered that I have a real liking for an American accent!! lol!! He was very at ease! The first shot (with his arm round my shoulders) was taken and I found that I was very relaxed myself!!

This second pose is my personal favourite and was totally James idea!! I must say that afterwards I really didn't want to let go!! lol!!! Then it was time for a quick handshake and that was that!! I then had a quick drink and got James autograph.
Then had lunch and went back to collect the photo shoot pictures. Had another autograph done for James!!

Then it was just a case of waiting around for the staff to open up the queue for Paul McGillion. His flight had been delayed so....... I was kinda just milling around for a little while. Then Paul arrived and I got the autograph and snapped this picture and that was my day!! Well just the basics but if I went into more detail I'd be here all day!! lol!!!
If any more detail is required then feel free to leave me a comment!! lol!!